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Here at P.A.Watts, we provide services across a wide range of sectors. We have worked with businesses across a variety of industries, ensuring their engineering requirements are met.

Metal cut to size

We supply any metal cut to size

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P.A.Watts has designed & manufactured reliable foundry equipment, systems and complete foundries across the UK. For this reason, we offer expertise backed by experience.

Our years of experience allow us to offer you our expertise with a number of foundry services. We can also apply our extensive background to your foundry procedure needs such as system automation, casting finishing, mold handling, sand reclamation and patterns and tooling.

Water & Waste Water

Here at P.A.Watts, we have worked with water management industries for a number of years.

For this reason, we offer expertise backed by experience. Our years of experience allow us to offer you extensive knowledge and advice.

Rail Industry

Having worked with the Rail industry, we have the suitable experience and knowledge to meet your requirements.

P.A. Watts Engineering offers components manufacturing, refurbishment, specialist design, fabrication, and assembly services to companies within the rail and transportation industry.

Transport Industry

As a leading provider of engineering services, our team is structured with both attribute and system engineering as core competencies.

Our approach to product development is attribute-led and delivers integrated designs in the context of the vehicle environment.

Through a structured product development process, the P.A. Watts Engineering team works closely with our customers to maximise delivery efficiency.


We have worked with a number of manufacturers throughout the years. This extensive experience has allowed us to produce the solutions to all of our clients manufacturing requirements

Construction Industry

Our precision machined parts are of the highest quality ensuring consistency, safety, and reliability. We understand the need for the highest quality and delivery performance whilst offering cost-effective solutions and flexibility to meet the continually changing demands of machinery for the construction industry.

We supply precision machined parts to all areas of the construction industry, including heavy plant, shipbuilding, civil engineering projects, industrial plants, and utility plants. We offer a fast turnaround of prototypes and even offer small batch conversion.


Here at P.A.Watts, we believe in accessibility for all. That is why we have worked with a range of businesses to ensure that their establishments are accessible to those with disabilities. These include wheelchair, stairlifts and more

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